From Skateboarding to Hoverboarding

Skateboarding has been my life for well over 15 years. From street skating to vert all the way to the urban dogtown style of longboarding. I have always felt the desire to try anything that rolls or resembles skateboarding in any way. This includes offroad monster skateboards, razors, engine powered skateboards and etcetera. Once hoverboards were introduced to us, I was very interested just to say the least. Although I must say as a fan of Back to the Future, when I first saw a hoverboard I was expecting it to float, is basically just a self balancing electric scooter….but that is besides the point.

About a week ago I was at a friend’s house that happened to have a hoverboard. Without hesitation I asked if I could head out and try out the board. I didn’t think much about how I would approach the board as I figured, “Hey I am a experienced skater, this is second nature,” I stepped on the board and immediately started wobbling around like a complete moron. It was NOT what I had expected at all. There was a weird balancing feel to it that I simply was not comfortable with. It took me at least 4 times before I could ride straight while doing it on purpose.

After about 10 minutes in I was VERY at ease with the board. I felt the board and I were one. It was wonderful; the experience of doing something new is always something I look forward too. I probably rode that hoverboard for over an hour that day, Riding down hills, swerved pavements, and even trying some random “tricks” that left me sore the next day from not knowing how to properly fall at the time.

I encourage all of you to give it a try, and if not hoverboards then something else new. Go out today and be adventurous. You will be happy you did.