Safest Hoverboard Safe Certified

The Safest Hoverboard – Why Our Safe Hoverboard Is The Best Hoverboard

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RIDER SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY. For this reason alone we provide our customers with the safest hoverboards on the market and started the Hoverboard Safe movement. We only sell Certified Hoverboards, this means that the charger and battery pack we use on our hoverboards are certified. Most manufacturers producing these “HoverBoards” for customers are not following the Hoverboard Safe guidelines and are jumping on the bandwagon – not paying attention to the materials they purchase. BEWARE of low end Chinese manufacturers that are flooding the internet and you as a customer with an unsafe self balancing scooter. At Vecaro we make sure that all of our hoverboards meet our high quality control standards, in the end result we produce a Hoverboard Safe quality product for our customers. We use only high quality parts to produce a high quality self balancing scooter, that is safe for the whole family.

We understand that with everyone making these hoverboards, it can be a daunting task for you to find a quality board that will last for years to come. Vecaro Electronics has been around for over 10 years. We have perfected our manufacturing proccesses and we ensure every Hoverboard Safe product you purchase was built with the highest level of quality control in the industry, using high end imported parts instead of using off the shelf generic Chinese parts that most manufacturers use.

Hoverboard Safe Batteries

When you are not riding, you want to be able to charge your self balancing scooter and leave it without having to worry. This is why we only use Genuine Samsung 18650 batteries in our battery packs and they ship with certified chargers only. We provide our customers with the best hoverboard batteries.

  • Be leery of cheap imitation boards using inferior parts.
  • Other boards have the potential to explode due to the imitation batteries they carry inside of them.


10 Imitation cells per battery
2200 mAh
≤ 1Hr Ride time
Uncertified charger
36V With full charge
20-120 Min* charge time
Will work down to 20%
Safety charges at 120V

20 Samsung cells per battery
4400 mAh
≥ 2 hr Ride time
Certified charger
36V With full charge
30-90 Min* charge time
Will work down to 10% charge
Safety Charges at 110V-240V

Only the best electronics were used for our safe hoverboards. We have imported the very best controllers from ST to ensure the smoothest ride possible.


Use weight to increase wheel stability instead of magnets
Concrete or metal weights
Copper coated aluminum wiring

Hoverboard Safe Wheels

Made with AINiCo magents for increased wheel stability
AINiCo magnets must be at least 3 mm thick
100% Copper wiring

We use AlNiCo magnets that are made of primarily aluminum, nickel, and cobalt. This helps to increase wheel stability more than just simple added weights, because our magnets and wheels are tied directly into our stability control circuit board. This means that the hoverboard automatically adjusts to help provide the smoothest and most comfortable ride possible while providing a high level of safety. These are the safest hoverboard wheels and we use them on the Vecaro Self Balancing Scooter.


All of our hoverboards use a zinc coated pure aluminum frame for strength and durability while keeping the overall weight down for ease of carrying.


Thickness: 2~2.5 mm
Non-polished mixed alloy frame
High tolerances cause gaps and seams in between pieces
No reinforcements to critical areas

Thickness: 3 mm
Polished Zinc coated aulminum
Low tolerances for smooth and seamless fit
Added reinforcements to crtical areas for strength

Thin plastic outer shell
Outer shell is less than 2.5 mm
High tolerances cause gaps and seams in between inner and outer shell

Made out of thick ABS plastic
ABS outer shell is over 2.5 mm thick
Low tolerances for seamless fit

View Vecaro Hoverboards UL Certification

Hoverboard Safe Movement

The Hoverboard Safe movement was initiated when Vecaro Lifestyle was founded. This movement derived from necessity. In a time when hoveboards where exploding and putting life’s in danger, Vecaro decided to launch this movement, it promoted the safe manufacturing of hoverboards across the nation. The U.S. did not step until it was too late and life’s were ruing by cheap manufactured hoverboards. With this movement Vecaro advised all competitors to follow our guidelines when manufacturing hoverboards . The guidelines are outlined on this page, starting with Batteries and ending with Quality Control. Vecaro has set the bar when producing hoverboards and have even been inspected and approved by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency. This assures our customers that our Hoverboards are one hundred percent safe.