Say hello to the HoverCart

We at Vecaro recently came across a new accessory for hoverboards that we thought was awesome! It is called the HoverCart and is made by BoatsToGo. It is an aluminum frame with a set of back wheels that can be attached to your hoverboard and a lawn chair to create a sitting down riding experience, and it is still controlled with just your feet. They even put out a video of it in action!! (which you can check out below.) The HoverCart can go anywhere that a hoverboard can go.

The HoverCart can even be used as a trailer to pull along things like a water cooler. Imagine going to the beach, don’t worry the HoverCart can go across packed sand, with the family instead of having to carry a cooler full of supplies you just attach the cart to the hoverboard and you, your wife or if you’re worried about looking silly even one of your kids can pull it along behind them as they ride down to the beach from the car saving your back and arms some trouble.

While hoverboards are rather limited on where they can go physically and now even being more limited as to where you can use them by law. These increases in restrictions are helping to increase ingenuity in some people in order to be able to come up with new accessories and ways to use these devices. Hopefully as the cheap and unsafe boards are being weeded out of the market by those same increases we will see even more cool innovations and then maybe one day they will be allowed to be used in some of those same places that had previously banned them, like airports. I could see this HoverCart being very useful in an airport. Although storage on a plane does currently pose a problem but who knows what will be thought of next? We here at Vecaro are excited to find out!