Hoverboard Frequently Asked Questions

Hoverboard Questions? Know Your Self Balancing Scooter

Hoverboard buying guide. What is the most weight hoverboards can carry? What is the perfect hoverboard for kids? What is the appropriate term for these boards? Which celebrities ride hoverboards? Which hoverboards are safe? When are orders shipped out?

Hoverboard buying guide.

Hoverboards have been the latest trend and will continue to sweep the nation as everyone begins to realise how resourceful they are. The question is, which one should you get? We have different types of boards at Vecaro from the Glide 65 to the Trek 10 and different colors as well. Before you decide which board you want to buy you should consider what you will be using this board for. Here is the breakdown.

Glide 65: This hoverboard has a 6.5" wheel diameter, most customers exclusively use this board indoors, mainly around their house and at the office because of its compact size. Although it can be used outdoors, we have hoverboards that are more optimized for outdoor use.

Drift 8: This hoverboard has a 8.5" wheel diameter, it is the perfect hoverboard for both indoor and outdoor use. Although it is slightly bigger than the 65 Glyde it is still small enough to use indoors, at same time since the wheels are bigger you can manuever with more ease when you are using your hoverboard outdoors and need to go over more bumps.

Trek 10: This hoverboard has a 10" wheel diameter, this is our all terrain hoverboard. We have tested this board on grass surfaces, dirt roads, rocky pathways, and even down steps. It is perfect for the rider who wants to use the hoverboard as a transportation device.

If you are planning on getting one for yourself, we suggest you purchase one sooner rather than later. We have already sold out of certain colors and orders keep coming in, it is the hottest toy of the year and most companies have them as backorder and will ship out after Christmas.

What is the most weight hoverboards can carry?

All of our hoverboards can carry up to 260 lbs. Keep in mind that going over the hoverboard weight limit will not make the board unusable. However, it will be slower or struggle more, especially if the terrain is not ideal or if you are trying to go up steep inclines. If you are close to the hoverboard's weight limit, the most noticeable side effect will be that your battery won’t last as long as when a lighter rider uses it. Other than that, we’ve found it’s really hard to feel an impact to the hoverboard's top speed. Definitely try to go with a bigger hoverboard. The Trek 10 has inflatable wheels and is the best option if you’re afraid you may be too heavy for your self balance board.

What is the perfect hoverboard for kids?

Most young riders prefer to ride the 65 Glyde because of its small wheel diameter, Vecaro is in the process of manufacturing 4.5" wheel for extra small children. More information will be annouced soon!

What is the appropriate term for these boards?

These electric boards are fairly new and they have not yet been give one specific name. They go by many different names. Here are the most common: hoverboards, self balancing scooter, segway, swegway, phunkeeduck, iohawk, swagway, 2 wheel electric scooter, smart balance scooter, skywalkers, driftboard, sideboard.

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Which celebrities ride hoverboards?

Being the hottest toy of the year, hoverboards have received a lot of attention from celebrities. This is the list of celebrities who have been spotted riding their hoverboard.

  • Whiz Khalifa
  • Jamie Fox
  • Usain Bolt
  • Justin Bieber
  • Skrillex
  • Chris Brown
  • Lily Allen
  • Ty Dolla Sign

Which hoverboards are safe?

Beware of cheap immitation hoverboards, the internet is flooded with them and they can cause serious property damage and can cause someone to seriously get injured. For this reason we can assure you that Vecaro Hoverboards are made with the highest quality materials to ensure rider safety. If you are contemplating on buying a hoverboard from another company please check the parts used to assemble their hoverboards. They should have a listing of parts they use similar to our Difference page. If you research other companies and compare them to us you will see that Vecaro Hoverboards are clearly the better option. Rider SAFETY is our priority.

When are orders shipped out?

Orders are shipped out the day after you place the order. If the order is placed before 3 pm PCT the order will ship out that same day. Please view our shipping policy for more information.