Vecaro Black Friday Hoverboard Sale TREK 10 Black (Reconditioned)


The Vecaro Hoverboard Trek 10 is a self balancing scooter that has 10″ inflatable wheels. You may not think this is a big deal, but if you’re considering using your self balancing board as a personal transporter, you NEED bigger wheels. That’s because the tiny, hard wheels on these boards can’t cope with rough terrain, they’ll just throw you off. The 10″ inflatable wheels will provide more cushion and allow you to go over small bumps with a lot more confidence.

All “Reconditioned” hoverboards are used boards that have been repaired. Malfunctioning parts have been replaced with brand new components. These boards might have scratches or minor wear and tear on outer shell, rest assure that they have been inspected by our technicians and are in full working condition.

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All items are tested before shipping to ensure quality and function.

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