Self Balancing Scooter Update

Recently the US International Trade Commission banned the import of most all hoverboards into the US. While Segway’s complaint specifically named 13 companies that it says were infringing upon its patents. The ban is apparently only against smart balance boards with handle bars and not against the boards that are like the ones that we here at Vecaro carry that do not have a handlebar or user support element. This difference of not having a user support system is enough of a difference between the current “hoverboards” and the personal transports that Segway’s patents are for.

While the litigation may slow the future import of hoverboards like the ones that we carry this does not seem to mark the end of their import and sale inside the US. While it is not banned because of a patent, a lot of these hoverboard manufacturers are being blocked at customs for an entirely different reason, the use of cheap or imitation parts. This means that some manufacturers in China are not using genuine batteries or certified chargers with their boards. While this does save some money in their production it leads to unsafe smartboards that can easily overheat and catch fire. So now US Customs is checking to make sure that the boards that it does allow through have all the proper certifications. They opened up our self balancing scooter to check that the certifications that are provided are accurate.