Vecaro Lifestyle Introduces First 8.5” Wheel Hoverboard With UL Certification

Vecaro Lifestyle has created the first off-road hoverboard with 8.5” wheels to receive a UL Certification, making it the safest hoverboard to tackle the most challenging terrains.

Hoverboards have been an increasing fixture on the streets for just over a year, capturing people’s imaginations and fulfilling the prediction made in Back To The Future II. Unfortunately, hoverboards have been the subject of controversy, as batteries have caught on fire and even exploded. Vecaro is one of the few Hoverboard companies that has full UL certification, meaning they are guaranteed to be fire-safe. U.S Customs has approved all Vecaro boards, and not one single Vecaro hoverboard has ever caught on fire. Vecaro was also the first hoverboard company to introduce a ride control mobile app. Now, they are revolutionizing the hoverboard once again, with a UL certified off-road ready version.

Vecaro is introducing a new type of hoverboard, with large format monster truck style wheels designed for outdoor use on snow, dirt roads, riverbanks, and more. The tires have deep lugs to provide traction and wick away mud in even the most challenging conditions.

This new model is called the Trek X, and features 8.5″ wheels, front lights, rear turn signal lights and Bluetooth. It makes use of the signature Vecaro Lifestyle Ride Control Mobile App to provide users with the ultimate riding experience.

Vecaro also added a new model to their line called “City”, utilising very similar features and formatting, while using different, slicker tires similar to those used in street racing, coupled with attractive rims to catch the eye.

A spokesperson for Vecaro Lifestyle explained, “Other hoverboard brands offer similar hoverboards but not one of them is UL certified. Vecaro is the first hoverboard company to introduce the 8.5″ wheel hoverboard with UL certification. We believe this is essential, because off-road hoverboarding will be far more challenging, so the hoverboards need to be even more robust to take the punishment that comes with the great outdoors.”

About Vecaro Lifestyle: Vecaro Lifestyle is the only website that sells U.S. Customs approved hoverboards. They are also the only hoverboard brand that has their own app to control the hoverboard, and now offer the first ever UL certified 8.5″ wheel hoverboard. Unlike other hoverboard brands, they don’t simply sell hoverboards, they also inform the public of the newest hoverboard and technology news through a regularly updated blog. Customers can feel confident when purchasing hoverboards from Vecaro.